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Is there a way I can put images into my presentation?

Sure. If you want to implement images in your presentation you simply have to use the menu ‘Insert’ → ‘Graphics’ → ‘ClipArt’.

Can I link one slide to another with hyperlinks?

First you have to create your PowerPoint presentation without using the slide master. Then you can put hyperlinks in your presentation. Go to your slide, then right-click and choose ‘Window’, then ‘Hyperlink’ → ‘Current Document’. You will see an overview of all slides. Choose the slide you want to link your current slide to.

What is a slide Master?

You can find all information concerning colors, effects, design, backgrounds, font colors, size of placeholders or positioning in your slide master. It acts as a template for all the other slides so you can adjust your slide master to determine the design and layout of your whole presentation.

Can I send a PPTS via e-mail?

You can easily send your presentation via e-mail. If you do not want your addressee to be able to make changes in your presentation, you should save your PowerPoint presentation in PPS-format. Then your addressee can start the presentation by double-clicking on it after he received your e-mail.

Can I integrate Word documents into my PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, you can do that by using of one of two possibilities: First you can choose the ‘Insert/Object’ function in your PPT menu to select your file and integrate it easily. To use the second possibility you can create a shortcut between your PowerPoint presentation and your Word file. Make sure that you put your inserted files in the same folder as your presentation.

Can I combine music, a slideshow and interactive presentations?

Yes, you can. First you have your original PowerPoint presentation which is started in the normal presentation mode. To switch to the operating system level you simply have to press ‘Alt + TAB’. By this you will start a self-executing PowerPoint presentation that allows you inserting music in endless loop. Press ‘Alt + TAB’ again to switch to normal mode.

What can I do when the y-axis disappears?

If this happens usually your y-axis has been formatted wrong so you are not able to see it. First you have to mark the chart, then you go on opening the tab under ‘chart tools’ or ‘layout. There you will find ‘Current Selection’. Select the vertical axis in this menu. After this, you simply click on ‘Format Selection’ and choose ‘Format Axis’ → ‘Adapt Axis Options’. This will make your y-axis visible again.

Can I move a chart by using the arrow key?

The problem is that if you want to move your whole chart with the help of your arrow keys, you usually have to move each element one by one. Your chart will stay in its place.
To move your chart you have to follow these steps:
Unset all your selections by clicking next to your chart
Press the Ctrl-key and click the frame of your chart
You can see that your chart is selected when a round corner mark appears
You can now easily move your selected chart

Can I implement a video into my PowerPoint presentation?

You can easily do that by using the ‘Insert’-function. As long as you show your presentation on the same computer there will be no problems. Only if you present your file on a different computer problems will occur. For prevention you have to transfer your media files to the other computer as well. Although we would not advise this to you if your presentation is very crucial.

Can I open PowerPoint files on my Mac?

To do so you should have the Microsoft PowerPoint software for Mac installed. This program allows you to open PowerPoint files and read, change or convert your presentations on your Mac.