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Rework PowerPoint Presentation

Rework PowerPoint Presentation

We offer you the service of analyzing and optimizing your existing PowerPoint presentation. Give your presentation a professional touch by using our individual service. A team of experienced graphic designers will rework your PowerPoint presentation in terms of:

  • realization of graphics
  • optimizing the design
  • implementation of animations

Of course it is you who will determine the deadline and set the budget available while we rework your presentation. Here are the precise services we offer in the course of reworking your PowerPoint presentation:

  • implementation of your graphics into new design templates matching your corporate design
  • improvement of font type and size
  • unification of colors
  • editing of graphics and diagrams
  • creating alternative charts / different forms of representation
  • enhancing of graphics which are hard to print
  • realization of animations
  • researching and editing images if necessary
  • improvement of templates, print options, file sizes
  • realization of files (multi media)